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At the heart of Life on Earth Pictures is an archive of compelling photos from around the globe.

By getting an annual subscription for your organization, you can secure access to great visuals without breaking your budget.

On demand

If you don’t have an annual subscription, you can license individual images directly from our archive.

Remember to sign up for our monthly e-mail updates. We’ll keep you up to date on new material and upcoming possibilities.


Between us, we have decades of experience covering faith-based and humanitarian work.

Whether you’re a media outlet or FBO, we can document the reality you need covered, through photos, video and writing.


We believe our material should not be created in isolation, but in dialogue with our clients and partners.

Engage us in conversation. Together we’ll think through what visuals would be most useful to you, and how we can best produce them.


After decades of working in the field, our experience and knowledge can benefit you and your team.

Invite us to train your staff in the field or in the classroom. We’ll help them learn how to produce captivating stories and visuals.


Whether it’s the big stories or the small ones, the right connection can make the difference in bringing them to light.

We work hard to build and nurture professional media relations, to make sure our material is not only accessible, but readily publishable.

Pricing and plans

We offer a simple and budget-friendly subscription model to our photo archive.

The setup is simple:
– You choose a plan based on how many photos you need per year.
– We create an account for you or your team in our archive.
– You download the photos you want to use.
Unlimited clients get video b-roll too as an added value.

Annual plans:
Unlimited: Unlimited photos and video for 12 months — US $3,000
Standard: 100 photos/year — US $2,000
Basic: 50 photos/year — US $1,250
Mini: 25 photos/year — US $750

To subscribe, fill out the form below, or contact us at info@lifeonearthpictures.com

For more information, please see our FAQ page.

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