Hit by Coronavirus

By Sean Hawkey, Life on Earth Pictures

All over the world there are unprecedented measures to control the spread and impact of Coronavirus. Life on Earth Pictures photographer Sean Hawkey has been documenting scenes in London as people begin to self-isolate. Supermarkets have been struggling to meet demand as people stock up and hoard certain products in anticipation of lengthy lock-downs. The full set of images is available on the archive.

London’s Parliament building seen from Westminster Bridge.
The tube station in Westminster, London. Some parts of central London are being left unusually quiet at times as consideration is given to social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Charing Cross railway station after 9am
Victoria Railway Station, normally bustling. The clock shows it is nearly 11am.
Trafalgar Square in central London.
Trafalgar Square in central London.
Picadilly in central London, without any traffic.
An empty tour bus on Whitehall in London.
At Sainsbury’s supermarket in Clapham, London, shoppers had cleaned out many products in panic buying over COVID-19.
At Sainsbury’s supermarket in Clapham, London.
Empty shelves after panic buying in the UK. The sign reads “£ Locked down”
There is perhaps no greater indictment of the Brussel sprout than to be left alone on the vegetable aisle after panic buying.
As well as pasta, toilet tissue and tinned tomatoes, customers have bought a lot of alcohol to see out the long lock-downs.